Support Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of questions and answers below to help our customers resolve and avoid some of the common faults with their Automatic Gates.

All Gate Motors have a manual override key to release the gates manually. Most Gate Systems that we fit have the option of a battery back up system which allows the gates to be used with the radio hand transmitters or in some circumstances the gates will open when the power goes off and close after the power cut, this is usual for car parks.

Our support section has instructions for a wide range of manufacturers on how to release your gates in the event of a power cut.

All Remotes are battery powered, so if it is just one of your Remotes that is not working it could be that the batteries need replacing.

If this doesn`t fix it you could post the remote to us for testing, as sometimes we can re-programme them, but if this fails then you would need to purchase a new one unless your gates are still within the 3 Year Warranty period and there is no damage to the remote, in which case we would issue a new one free of charge.

If all your remotes are not operating the gates, check that the gates are working by using another method to open them such as your Intercom, keypad, push button or ground loop. If the gates are working apart from the remotes then you will need to contact us and arrange a call out to investigate and repair.

The first thing to try is a power reset, turn your power to the gateway off  for approximately 30 seconds and then turn back on. After this try giving the gates an open command with a remote or keypad it may take a few minutes for the gates to close.

The most common cause of gates getting stuck open is something obstructing the safety beams. This can be vegetation that has grown up in front of one or more of the beams or intermittantly waiving in front of them in the wind, so simply cut back any obstructions.

The safety beams can also have dirty lense covers or a build up of snow and ice that will also hold the gate open, again clean up the lenses and the gates should close after a minute or two.

1 First of all check to make sure there is power to the Intercom, is it illuminated? does the keypad work?

If the answer is no, check the power supply to the Gateway as it may have tripped out in your fuse box.

If the answer is yes try doing a power reset by turning the power off to the gateway for 30 seconds. This should re-boot the intercom and help it to find a signal.

2 Check that your Sim Card has not run out of credit, this is a common call we get when the intercom stops calling your phone. sometimes this is caused by the credit card used for auto top up has expired. To resolve this go to the sim providers website and login to update your payment details and top up.

We Charge £160.00 + VAT for a one off Annual Service on a Domestic Gate System. This is not a service contract and applies for gates we have installed.

Unfortunately, we only offer repairs and servicing to our own installations.

We specialise in manufacturing and installing new Automatic Gates and only have the resources to look after these.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer Service Contracts or an Emergency call out service.

We carry out annual servicing of gates and a basic repair service, we aim to get to most repairs within 2 to 3 working days or sooner if we can, sometimes we are in a position to come out on the same working day, but we cannot guarantee this.

Even though we have hundreds of installations out there, thankfully breakdowns are rare, especially if the system is serviced regularly, so having dedicated staff for this would not be viable for us.

All systems have manual overide and many have battery back up, so it is important that customers familiarise themselves with this procedure an make sure the keys are in a safe place. We would recommend unlocking your gates 2 or 3 times a year to keep the locks free and to make sure you understand the procedure for when you need to use them in an emergency.

Our Engineers are happy to go through this procedure with you when they visit to service your gates and answer any questions about your gate system that you might have, please just ask.

The cost of an annual service is £160 + Vat

The Cost of a local call out is £95 + Vat