Frequently Asked Questions

Installing electric gates to your property can be a complex (and sometimes daunting!) process. Thankfully Climate Auto Gates have decades of experience in the industry and have helped hundreds of people who are interested but would like to find out more. Below you can find some of our most frequently asked questions about installing automated gates to a property. If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you with your enquiry.

All Gate Motors have a manual override key to release the gates manually. Most Gate Systems that we fit have the option of a battery back up system which allows the gates to be used with the radio hand transmitters or in some circumstances the gates will open when the power goes off and close after the power cut, this is usual for car parks.

Our support section has instructions for a wide range of manufacturers on how to release your gates in the event of a power cut.

You can either fit a postbox or provide the Postman with a key pad code that is in use at certain times of the day and days of the week to suit. For example 6am until 1.00pm Monday to Saturday.

There are several ways this can be dealt with depending on the level of security you require. A simple push button can be fitted on the outside and inside of the gates, these can be controlled by a timer which disables them during certain times and day if required. The same can be done with Induction loops buried under the drive, these detect the metal mass of a vehicle approaching and trigger the gates.

There are also various intercoms that can work in tandem with all the other systems, so when someone arrives out of hours they simply push the call button and call the house, you can then speak to them and trigger the gate open if you want to allow them in. ( This can also be timed out at night if you are concerned about prank calls.)

The Latest GSM Intercoms use the mobile phone network to call your house phones from the gate, and can even divert automatically to your mobile phone and you can let them in, even if you are not at home. They would then normally leave via an induction loop detector on the inside when they approach the gates on the way out.

Of course your remote controls (Zappers) will work along side all of the various access controls, so the options above are really just to take care of visitors and deliveries.

A Simple rule of thumb is to make sure you ask to see a selection of installations similar to your project and if possible visit and speak to the owner.

We Charge £160.00 + VAT for a one off Annual Service on a Domestic Gate System. This is not a service contract and applies for gates we have installed.

Yes we have a showroom with demonstrations of Metal and Timber gates and also working demonstrations of Automation for Sliding and Swing Gates. The showroom is a good starting point to discuss all the various options available.

We offer a free quotation service with no pushy salesmen, we understand once you start doing some research the options are endless, but usually there are options that are more suited to your situation.

Since Covid we have been encouraging people to email some images and give us a much information as possible to allow us to prepare an estimate.

If the estimate is acceptable we would then arrange to visit your site to discuss your requirements and possibly take some photographs to then super-impose your chosen design on to the image and send it through with the quotation.

Sometimes Customers like to call into the Showroom first to have a chat about their ideas (Subject to covid restrictions) or after recieving their quotation and to check out the quality of our products.

We Manufacture all our Metal gates in house, they are handmade by one of our two Blacksmith/ Metal Fabricators who have more than 60 years experience between them.

We have our Timber Gates hand made to our specification to suit heavy usage and the rigors of automation by local Joiners/Gate makers.

Another good reason to visit the Showroom to see the quality.

We fitted our first Gates in 1986 and our first Automated set of Gates in 1993 in a village called Finchingfield, Essex, and they are still working fine.

We are still a relatively small family business offering a good quality service.