Sustainaboard Electric Gates

Sustainaboard electric gates are a great way to provide a perfect entrance to your home. At Climate Autogates, we take the time to understand exactly what styles you like and guide you through your decision making process.

All of our Sustainaboard electric gates are designed at our workshop just south of Cambridgeshire and then installed on a day that suits you. The installation goes through rigorous safety checks before we are happy to sign off, instruct you on how to operate and hand over the remotes to you for you to enjoy. If you would like more information on how the entire process works you can view our typical installation timeline.

Sustainaboard is a great alternative to the more well known composite board.

Why Choose Sustainaboard

  • Sustainaboards withstand the test of time, providing them with that additional strength that the standard composite material lacks.
  • Protective, non-porous material means no risk of harmful insect infestations.
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled, repurposed synthetic materials, these boards offer you a highly sustainable alternative to the traditional composite option.
  • In manufacturing, our boards are made from 100% pure recycled Polystyrene and simply blown to create the effect of natural wood. This makes Sustainaboard a failsafe solution for outdoor applications, preventing harmful water absorption and maintaining the strength of your material
  • Sustainaboard is manufactured to resist the effects of UV outdoors, including fading and discolouring. Your material will boast full vibrance and colour for the length of its life

File Upload

Please upload an image of where your gate is going to be installed. This will allow us to gain understanding of what is possible at your installation site as well as any potential issues we may spot.

Max upload size: 5mb

Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png

Gate Piers

The purpose of gate piers are to support gates as well as to define an entranceway. Please let us know if you plan to keep your existing piers and if you are, please select what material they are made from. Or, if you would like new or replacement piers, please select New and let us know what material you would like.

Gate Height

Simply let us know how high you would like your gates. From the floor to the highest point of the gate.

Gate Width

This measurement should be taken between the existing piers if you plan on keeping them. This measurement is indicated by the yellow arrow. If you would like us to install new piers as part of this project, please measure the total distance from where the left pier will start to where the right pier will finish and ensure you select 'New Piers' when asked later in the form. This measurement is indicated by the white arrow.