Needham Electric Gates

Automatic Needham Design Gates. Iroko Hardwood Treated With Rubio Oil

Matching Pedestrian Gate, Gate Closer and Maglock

CAME AXO P324 System

Gates Monitored by Came Connect

Came Connect lets us remotely monitor the gates from a PC, smart phone or tablet. From any of these devices, we are able to see if the gates are open or closed.

Came Connect allows Climate Autogates to fully diagnose your gate automation systems, pin point any malfunctions and act rapidly and effectively. Allowing us to maintain and give greater reliability to the gates.

Should any faults occur we can then log on to the control board remotely. This allows us to see any errors, make adjustments to the control board and see the live state of the safety circuits.

Cottenham, Cambridgeshire

Installed March 2023


File Upload

Please upload an image of where your gate is going to be installed. This will allow us to gain understanding of what is possible at your installation site as well as any potential issues we may spot.

Max upload size: 5mb

Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png

Gate Piers

The purpose of gate piers are to support gates as well as to define an entranceway. Please let us know if you plan to keep your existing piers and if you are, please select what material they are made from. Or, if you would like new or replacement piers, please select New and let us know what material you would like.

Gate Height

Simply let us know how high you would like your gates. From the floor to the highest point of the gate.

Gate Width

This measurement should be taken between the existing piers if you plan on keeping them. This measurement is indicated by the yellow arrow. If you would like us to install new piers as part of this project, please measure the total distance from where the left pier will start to where the right pier will finish and ensure you select 'New Piers' when asked later in the form. This measurement is indicated by the white arrow.