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PLEASE nOTE we are only able to offer  repairs and servicing

to systems installed by ourselves.

Automated Gates & Barrier Systems are subject to all weather conditions and varying levels of usage, occasional abuse and sometimes vandalism. They are also subject to accidental damage or breakdown which may leave the system non-operational or with the system's operation impaired. In addition there is normally a slow deterioration in the functioning of mechanical and electrical & electronic components which can be overcome with regular Maintenance, returning the system¹s performance to near it's As-Installed Condition. Such programs are essential where the level of usage is high or where the systems are installed in an adverse working environment. Furthermore a regular Maintenance Program will significantly increase your Gate or Barrier's Active Life, and will reduce the overall Life Costs of your system.

Technician servicing an automated gate

We offer a series of Routine Maintenance programs to ensure a continued trouble free operation of your system, thus ensuring your peace of mind. In order to facilitate these programs we maintain computerised records of your As-Installed System & Service History, allowing our engineers easy access to the information they require. This is backed-up with access to latest information from our Suppliers on the operating performance, spares and maintenance requirements of their component.

Our Company Vans are fully stocked with a wide range of Spares & Consumables normally required in Maintenance & Repair operations. In addition they carry all the latest tools & equipment required to undertake this type of work, and our Engineers are fully trained to undertake the work necessary to complete the job and to leave your system in a first class operational state.


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