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Digital Radio Intercom

Combi Digital Radio IntercomDigital Radio Intercom HandsetDigital Radio Intercom Audio

A high quality wireless intercom system with great range
and digital sound quality. No batteries.

A hard wired Videx call station with Power Supply Unit at the entrance
with a digital transmitter.

A BT style telephone handset on a self-charging base, providing a walk about handset with 36 hours stand-by and a clear digital signal.

Cost effective additional telephone handsets for house,
office, garage, bedroom.

Range. We have a genuine 200 mtrs + in clear space on a number of sites
and will recommend the unit for 150 mtrs in clear open space.

Audio intercom only or Combined Audio and Digital Entry Pad

Now you can go wireless without compromising quality
with a Digital Radio Intercom.

High Quality Wireless Systems

Without Keypad = £895.00 + VAT

With Keypad = £959.00 + VAT

Extra Handset = £89.00 + VAT

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