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Telephone Based Intercoms

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These Intercoms will call your existing phone system allowing you to speak to a visitor and operate Gate(s) from your current telephone handsets or mobiles without the need for cabling.

Telephone-based Telguard Intercoms do not require cabling between the unit at the gateway and the user's handset, with no distance limitations. They are available to be used with either a GSM SIM Card from a Mobile Telephone Supplier which gives a strong signal at the Gateway or a BT Ex-Directory Line. Three main models are available.

The Bespoke Model has 1 - 9 Call Buttons for use on Single Private Houses or very small Housing Developments, with the Call Button etched with the Recipient's Name or House Name or Number.

The Junior Model uses a Key Pad as the Call Point Entry mechanism and so can be used for larger housing developments or blocks of flats, with a separate Plaque created by others to define the Recipient's Call Point Number.

The Millenium Model has a small Screen and a Scroll Bar to allow the call points to be listed and called as desired as well as allowing easy deletion or insertion of new Residents.

Any unit can have an integral Key Pad to allow regular visitors such as Extended Family, Friends etc to gain Entry without having to use the Intercom. The unit may be mounted on a Gate Post or Brick Pier or on a separate Post ahead of the gate at a Car Driver's Window Height.

These units act as an Intercom to allow Unexpected Visitors to call any Dwelling by pushing the appropriate Call Button, and on answering allows two-way communication between the Resident and the Visitor. Normally the Landline of the Dwelling is the first number called. Other numbers which may be Mobile Telephone Numbers can be defined for each dwelling to call in sequence in the event of the Visitor Call being Unanswered by the Resident or if the line is Engaged. If a Call is received from a Visitor on a Mobile, the call can be taken anywhere worldwide provided there is adequate Mobile Telephone Reception, and the Recipient can talk to the Visitor and Open the Gate without even being on site. After ascertaining the visitor's credentials, the resident can use their telephone Handset to open the Gate. Any unit can use up to 5 Relays for opening a Vehicular Access, an adjacent automated Pedestrian Access Gate or use special numbers to allow Emergency Services or Tradesmen to gain Entry & Exit.

It is the customer's responsibility to meet all Call Charges, and the cost of the Line Installation in the case of a BT Ex-Directory Line. If a SIM Card is used the card must be purchased on either a Pay-As-You-Go or Contract basis. The software in the unit limits the call length per call to ensure operating costs are kept to a minimum. A Proximity Reader can also be optionally fitted to the unit to allow it to be used with Fobs provided to residents to control access without having to use the Intercom. An optional integral 24/7 Intelligent Timer can be incorporated to allow Tradesmen Access only during specified time periods or on certain days of the week.

Since the unit has its own unique telephone number it can de dialled remotely at anytime (for example using the speed dial facility on a Mobile Telephone) to allow a gate to be opened, thus using the handset as if it were a Radio Hand-Transmitter.

The Supply & Installation Cost of the Units vary with the Model, the number of Call Points and Call Buttons, whether a Key Pad is required and whether the unit is to be installed on a separate Post or within a Gate Post or Brick Pier.

Without keypad from 1235.00 plus VAT
With keypad from 1415.00 plus VAT
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