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We at Climate Autogates regard the safe Design & Safe End Use of our Gates as vital for all our Installations.

We use Risk Assessments to design out Risk wherever possible associated with any Gate Installation for which we quote. These take account of:-

  • Current Health & Safety Regulations, Requirements & Recommendations
  • The Location, Site Environment and the Expected Usage of The Gates
  • The type of Gate, Barrier or Bollard proposed to suit the installation.
  • Risks which could be attributed to both users and passers-by

All our Installations specify the use of the following Safety Features as necessary:-

  • We use 24 Volt DC Operators for both Swing and Sliding gates with encoder controlled obstacle detection built-in, which means when the gate feels the resistance of a person or object it will reverse away.
  • We fit Primary Safety Beams on all our installations to detect obstructions between the Gate Posts or Brick Piers
  • We fit Secondary Safety Beams just beyond the swing of the Gate or Underground Safety Induction loops to detect objects within the Swing of the Gate
  • We fit two pairs of Safety Beams as a minimum to all Sliding Gate Installations
  • We fit deformable Safety Edges where appropriate to posts, walls pillars and fences to detect obstacles at potential pinch points
  • We Fit all our Control boards In a Lockable Weatherproof cabinet

Automatic Gate Users need to follow the guidelines below:-

  • Always ensure that the gates are regularly serviced at least annually by your gate installer who will fully understand your installation.
  • Never modify the Gate Automation System.
  • Report any gate operating problems to your installer as soon as possible.
  • Wait until the gates are fully open before passing through the gateway.
  • Never stop anywhere between the Gates.
  • Never let children play near or on Automatic Gates.
  • Always ensure the gates are in view when triggering the gates to operate
  • Never try to obstruct the gates when they are in motion
  • Always switch off the power to the Gate Automation equipment before manually unlocking the gates, even in the event of a power cut.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss any aspects of Safety with respect to installing and using Automatic Gates.